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I have been reading my usual fashion blogs, but I haven’t been inspired till now. Vogue China’s 60 Memorable Fashion Moment traces the history of fashion in China…

1949 - 59

The cheongsum is China’s little black dress. The cheongsum of the 1950s are elegant and simple, has a looser fit without much adornment. Taking a coloured photograph in front of Tiananmen Square was also in vogue then!

1959 - 69

China was in the throes of the Great Leap Forward in the early 1960s, and who could forget Maoism’s “women hold up half the sky?”. Proletariat fashion was about comfort and ease of movement.

1969 - 79

The US-China relationship in the 70s was best characterised by the term “ping-pong diplomacy” where both countries sent a number of ping-pong players to each country for some cultural exchange.This culminated in 1972 with the 1st visit of an American President (Nixon) to China.

Shades of blue, green and grey was predominant at that time. The picture shows an American ping-pong player on exchange to China. In 1972, First Lady Nixon’s elegant red coat caused a stir. It was fashion forward for its time, representing the communist red of China.

1969 - 79 Part 2

How did ladies accessorize in the 1970s? With Mao badges of course. A little red in the sea of blue, green, grey.

Also during that time, only actress are allowed to perm their hair!

1979 - 89

China opened up economically in 1980s, and with it came the influences of “western fashion and entertainment”, such as big bug-eye shades, and ballroom dancing.

1989 - 99

A decade of excesses & exuberance. Who could forget the brick-like mobile phone, first seen in Hong Kong movies and the rising influence of the chinese language. We still see chinese characters on T-shirts, and tattoos!

1999 - 2009

Now: China becomes a trend-setter.

Credits: Vogue China via here [].

You can click on for the full pictures.


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