Cin’s Newsdesk: Disney & Marvel

Disney Marvel In acquiring Marvel, Disney’s President Robert Iger said: “Disney is the perfect home for Marvel’s fantastic library of characters.”

Audience are awaiting with bated breath for the launch of several blockbusters as a result of the Disney-Marvel tie-up, including:

  • When Spiderman meets Ariel (little Mermaid): What happens when itsy-bitsy spider washes down the water sprout?
  • Beauty & The Incredible Hulk: In an attempt to get over the Beast, she fell for The Hulk. A journey into the women psyche – Why does she keep falling for the same type of men?
  • The (Sc)Avengers: Minnie Mouse & Batman as the new Emma Peel & John Steed
  • Tin Cup: The perfect chemistry of wood & iron – Woody (from Toy Story) teams up with Iron Man to create the best golf club
  • Forest Gump: Wolverine in the titled role, till he meets Bambi.

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