My 1st Holga shots

Holga 1

Holga 2

Holga 3

I finally developed my first 2 rolls of film from the Holga camera. There were supposed to be 32 pictures, but only 19 of them were processed. The rest were too dark. 😦

Apparently with the Holga, you have to switch on the flash even under sunny conditions. I didn’t know.

I find that with a Holga, you are forced to think and compose a picture in your head before clicking on the shutter button, in part because you only have that few rolls of film to play with, so you would not want to waste any film taking duplicate/triplicate shots.

There’s also some delayed gratification. You can’t review your shots immediately, unlike with a digital camera. You can only wait (impatiently) with bated breath, rushing to the photo studio a week after to review how your photos have turned out.


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