I’m not sure whether this is an appropriate picture after my graduation post yesterday.

I’m not sure where or what I will be 2 years down the road, but I think if I aim in the general direction of working on developing better relationships and better eating/exercising habits, I should be alright.

Taking the cue from Jack Welch (arguably the best CEO of times) who once said that strategy is not a long action plan carved in stone, it must evolve to meet continually changing circumstances.  The best laid plans of mice and men, often go astray.



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2 responses to “Direction

  1. stressed out student

    woohh … that is the anti-thesis of the Dr’s philosophy, which states that for every plan, there should be at least n times backup plans.

    • Cinical

      I know…. but even if I plan, things don’t usually fall into place. So just aim at a general direction… :0)
      So where’s your 10 other backup plans?? :))

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