Fashion takes on Comics!

Tim Gunn as Ironman

I’m not really a fan of comics, except for perhaps the adventures surrounding Archie, Betty, Veronica & Jughead.

But I might certainly pick up the Marvel Comic released in Aug 09, starring Tim Gunn as the Ironman. Yeap, Iron-man, aka the chap without a “real” heart.

I can just imagine Tim Gunn’s pursing his lips, dong that heartless (no pun intended) “make it work” phrase. The story is apparently set in NY Fashion Week, where a designer is murdered. 3 Charlie Angels-supermodel versions come in to investigate, with Tim playing the role of Charlie/Iron-man/Mentor.

It’s apparently going to be a on-going “Models Inc” mini-series of comics with fashion-friendly characters.

Now I would certainly hope to see characters such as Anna Wintour playing herself as the evil queen dowager, with her piercing stares behind her trademark sunnies, or Heidi Klum with her trademark “Auf wiedersehen” before she kills you with her legs in a scissor-style lock around your neck. Or perhaps Tyra Banks as she crushes your fragile ego with her “your journey ends on ANTM”.

And maybe the trio of new angels will be of Michelle Obama/Carla Bruni/Princess Letizia of Spain who can come in as the saviors of fashion – with biceps to butt, oops, I meant boot!

Should be fun! I’m looking forward to it already.

PS: I missed Project Runway….


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