Paper wear

I am amazed by these paper dresses.

Yes, they are indeed made of paper, a specific material known as Tyvek, which is usually used for making envelopes. They are also machine-washable (gets softer with every wash) and totally recyclable.

They look light, breezy and totally suitable for the humid weather here. The dressed are designed by House-Wear (NY) and first discovered via Inhabit

Paper dress 3

Paper dress 2


Apart from paper dresses, I’m also itching to get my hands on the book “Green is the New Black”  about the eco-wave that’s driving fashion trends today. There seems to be a number of eco-chic related books, including Eco-Chic: The Fashion Paradox on how the fashion industry is responding and changing in respond to environmental concerns. If you want a slightly more current-affairs discussion on about this “green” revolution, of course you can rely on Thomas Friedman’s Hot, Flat and Crowded.

As one of my best friend, Ms. F exclaims, in these days, “to be green is glorious”!



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2 responses to “Paper wear

  1. sledgery

    Unbelievable… I wonder what it feels like when you first put it on. Since it’s made out of paper, is it cheaper than jean material or cotton?

    • Cinical

      Hi Sledgery,
      From the reads of it, it seems that it will feel like hard linen!
      I’m hoping that some Singapore stores will stock up on it… I will buy a piece to try. It seems that they have pants also! Really amazing. :))

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