Tautou’s je ne sais qua


Oooo… Audrey Tautou in the new Chanel No.5 mini-movie detailing her adventures as she boards an Orient Express nght train to Istanbul. Don’t you like how she travels light with just a duffle bag with her stylishly simple outfits and that messy voluminous hair?

You can watch it here or at Chanel’s official site.

Comparing to the glitz and glam Nicole Kidman version, which I felt was a bit too plastic-ky, and Keira Knightley version for Coco Madamoiselle which was trying just a little too hard (like a little girl playing dress-up), Tautou’s version has that je ne sais qua about her, a woman comfortable in her own skin. Or I’m just partial to French women and their style. šŸ™‚



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2 responses to “Tautou’s je ne sais qua

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  2. Most definitely Tautou for me too. But I will also say that the youtube versions are the condensed 60′ versions which may not do justice to Nicole and Keira. (Aside: Why did Keira chop off her hair? Short hair so does not do justice to her!)

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