Fashion “Contained”

Does anyone remember the container stores that popped up around Raffles City around 2 years ago? I haven’t seen many of such container stores anymore in Singapore?

I thought it was a pretty neat idea, having these guerilla stores pop up in the middle of no-where. I managed to retrieve a photo of the Puma Container Store that was in Singapore.


Puma, for one seems to like the container concept, erecting such a structure (Puma City) in Boston’s Fan Pier as part of their sponsorship for the Volvo Ocean Race. Unfortunately, they did not set up something similar in Singapore, despite that SG was a stop for the Ocean Race. Would have been worth a look. 

More photos available here. puma-city1



Apparently, Puma’s Store-in-A-Box concept first took root in New York City in 2006 where they were inspired by the efficieny of transporting cargo containers which allows them to set up store within a week. Seems that this concept will be the blue-print for their stores globally.

Speaking of containers and fashion, I do wish that Uniqlo does launch their containers in Singapore, so we don’t have to travel from one end of SG to the other for a piece of Japan-chic. They have already done so a few years back. While they waited for their New York store to be opened, they dropped a few capsule containers all over NY!

I hope one lands in my neighborhood…




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