New hat



As you can tell, I’m into hats these days.

My new bowler hat from Uniqlo. 🙂

Trying to achieve that Nihon-chic look. 😛



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4 responses to “New hat

  1. gloria

    i just read your entire blog in one sitting. gosh, i miss the lovely experiences when you were in sydney and we just chill, be it a fantastic breakfast at cinque or eating kimchi pancakes. right now i am living your life, although less ideally. Flea markets, books, coffee, more chardonnay than soju ( i must be maturing, yay!) despite my incurable obsession with stevie the tv. i read considerably lesser this sem, unfortunately only four novels, tsk tsk and taking into account that i doing a Buddhist unit, i am basking in the whole hippy meets new age. i was at munky bizness along king st the other day and i wanted to buy the melissa+vivienne westwood and they didn’t have them in my size! =(

  2. Su Fern

    Nice! =) I wouldn’t mind trying it on myself. You managed to brave the crowds at Tampines 1!

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