If Sarah can, you can too…

This post is a little late, but Happy Earth Day all the same.

Perhaps in a bid to do your part for Earth, apart from carrying recycling bags (instead of plastic bags), one can rent instead of buying clothes. Rent for special occasions, I mean.

Well, if Sarah Brown (wife of UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown) can do it, so can you. Apparently she rented her outfits for the recent G20 summit, paying around 10% of the price of an outfit.


Now we just need to find that perfect rental store. If not, 2nd hand or vintage stores work just fine!

Even if it’s not to do your part for Earth, rental or 2nd-hand does save you money for further therapy.  Places to start include Bag, Borrow or Steal (US), Be-a-Fashionista (UK and Singapore). However, these are mainly for bags. The others I found thus for (Singapore ones at least), are largely confined to wedding gowns or maternity dresses.


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