I’m a Plastic Bag – Take 2

After sending down handbags in the like of plastic bags on the Chanel runway, Chanel did it again for their Fall 09 collection. Gives a whole new spin to the “Look at me! I’m a Plastic Bag!”.

Did you realize that each bag has a holder for an ipod? It’s mass fashion meets high fashion. And when Chanel devotes a section to the iPod in its bags, you know that the humble podster has earned itself a permanent place in the fashion hierachy.

At this point, I’m rather obsessed with the idea of buying an ipod Touch or an iphone. Miss A’s ipod Touch kept her occupied for the 3 hours we had to spend waiting in the Kochi airport (nope, there wasn’t any shopping, except if you counted the Lay’s Potato Chips in Magic Masala Flavour which I bought a pack). She had cleverly downloaded episodes of “Mind Your Language” to keep her sane during the long hours of waiting. I had finished all my books and was fidgety throughout.

Picture credits to Indicoolness






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3 responses to “I’m a Plastic Bag – Take 2

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  2. My informal survey found less than 10 people without ipod/iphone.

    And i just discovered that you can purchase online, pdf versions of lonely planet guides to download to your iphones when you travel.

    There’s more and more temptations to lure us to take a bite of the forbidden fruit.

    • Cinical

      I am trying hard not to bite…. and it’s tough! I much prefer holding a book than reading it off an electronic device, but still the portability of an electronic gadget is too hard to ignore…

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