My Little Pony gets a Makeover…


Who remembers playing with these sugary sweet ponies as a kid? I did.

I think I braided the hair of my pony. I tried washing its hair too, just like I did Barbie’s. Bad bad mistake. 🙂

My Little Pony now takes on Hollywood.  There are 14 in all. The Bride’s  Asics shoes (Kill Bill) are adorable!

Check out the full collection at  The Guardian (especially if you are a starwars fan)








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2 responses to “My Little Pony gets a Makeover…

  1. No little ponies for me, but I washed the hair of my barbie too! It became un-combable after that 😦 First experience at the textures of curly ang moh hair vs straight flat Asian hair.

  2. Hi, nice post. I have been thinking about this topic,so thanks for posting. I will certainly be subscribing to your blog.

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