Hiding your shopping purchases



 “He’s always asking: ‘Is that new? I haven’t seen that before.’ It’s like, Why don’t you mind your own business? Solve world hunger. Get out of my closet.” 

(Michelle Obama in NY Times)

Hmm, hands up how many times you have sheepishly came back home with a paper bag stuffed with new purchases, hiding them from your parents or your Significant Other? I have. 🙂

If they do ask if something is new, I often reply, “Oh no, this thing, not new, I bought it ages ago and it was so cheap, about $xx.” (verbally marking down a 10 – 50% discount from the price I actually paid). 

Maybe I should be learning the replies from Michelle Obama… 

By the way, anyone interested to catch Confessions of a Shopaholic? Me thinks I will identify with Becky Bloomwood. 🙂




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3 responses to “Hiding your shopping purchases

  1. stressed out student

    Would love to catch confessions with you but sadly it is not possible.

  2. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  3. gloria

    oh god. so many times has it happened to me.

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