For some amount, the store can embroider the graph of your stock portfolio to create your own Dow Jones, or STI, Nikkei, Hang Seng or KOPSI hanky.  



Or check out these funky ones where you can pretend to be a bandit with a funny mustache. 



Or incur the wrath of a lover with these smoochie ones


But I never really understood hankies, for that matter (although Mr. Cinical carries them).

Blow your nose in them, isn’t that unhygienic?

Wipe your tears on them? Most of the time, I prefer to brawl and sob on Mr. Cinical’s shoulders and clothes. 

Although admittedly they do have an old-fashioned charm to them, handkerchiefs.

It is much more charming for a man to hand you a hanky when you are brawling your heart out, than a piece of generic tissue paper (although shoulders are still best). And who can forget vintage shows where leading ladies subtly dropped their lace-trimmed handkerchiefs to catch the attention of charming lads? Read also this article on the history of handkerchief.


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  1. Hmm, I am usually suspicious of hankies… I’ve noticed that men fold it into certain squares known only to themselves after use, but if they handed it to me to wipe my tears, I wldn’t know which square is the used one!

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