Shopping Bags as Handbags

I remembered a time in the mid-90s, when young girls used to collect branded shopping bags (yes, those nice paper ones from the boutiques such as Chantal Thomas, Guess, Burberry) and used them as handbags. Yes, slinging them proud on one’s shoulders, just like they were carrying the real thing. Admittedly I was one of them. 

Now the little girls have grown up, and they can relive their youth again… though this time spending a wee bit more (US$1500 – 2900, I mean) on leather bags masquerading as shopping bags.

Introducing the new Chanel 31 Rue Cambon bag – Chanel’s new launch for Summer 2009 that’s a leather shopping bag in the style of Chanel paper shopping bags. “31, Rue Cambon” is incidentally the Paris apartment address of Coco Chanel’s original residence and studio.

It will be rather ironic to buy the 31 Rue Cambon leather bag and carry it around in a Chanel paper shopping bag. 

Credits: Fashion Rules & Handbags





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