My Own Library

Everett Rogers wrote in the Diffusion of Innovations (1962) that innovations will spread through a market in a S-manner, with the early adopters using the technology, followed by the majority, before that particular technology reaches a mature stage. This idea applies to not only technology, but also applies to many facets of life, including a social trend (e.g. facebook), consumer goods (e.g. fashion trend) etc. 

In the area of electronic gadgets, I have never considered myself to be an early adopter. I probably would not even qualify as the “majority”, but rather more like the laggard. 

My first handphone was at 21 years old and my first camera was a year ago when I was 29. I bought my laptop because it was pink in color and I have never actually own a MP3 player, the current Ipod (2nd generation) was a hand-me-down. And oh, please never ever ask me how to operate the DVD player.

So I was pretty surprised to find myself “lusting” over some pieces of electronic gadgets recently, namely the Prada LG phone and the potential of a Nintendo DS Lite to be converted into a mini-netbook. 

My new lust item – The Amazon Kindle 2

The electronic book reader that’s light as a feather (10.2 ounce) and holds 1500 books that you can bring along everywhere. I am hooked. I can now build a personal library, without the need for a physical space and I can bring them along wherever I go. 🙂

I think I have figured out why I like these items. Rather than adding some complication into my life, these new technology/gadgets fill a want and/or need that I have, making the daily grind of life easier to go by.  









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