Plastic comes to life: Barbie at Fashion Week

“I want to be Barbie, that bitch has everything”

I will imagine most girls, in their youths were obsessed with Barbie. I was. 

Not so much with her physically-impossible curves of 36-18-33 and the blond (but rather hard-to-style) hair, but with her fabulous wardrobe and her almost unlimited choices in occupation – as an astronaut (in 1965 no less), president (as a female George Washington), princesses etc. Admittedly she was one to introduce me to the world of fashion, to the world of colours, of mix-and-match and how finding the perfect outfit can cheer anyone up (though not necessary make all things better). 

Now as Barbie turns 50, what’s next for the grand old dame, but to come to life. 

Mattel has decided to team up with 50 designers on a range of barbie outfits launched at NY Fashion Week. There are also plans to launch a line of fashion under the Barbie brand. Hey, this goes to show that being plastic (provided that you can command market presence for 50 years straight) is rather fantastic! 

Credits: More pictures from Instyle and you can view the video of the runway show here.  There’s even a book on the 50 year anniversary of Barbie available here


The original 1959 Barbie sold for US$3

barbie-roy-rachelRoy Rachel’s interpretation: “She represented beauty and style, but more importantly, she represented fun”(2009)

vera-wangVera Wang’s interpretation: “Barbie perseveres today as a cultural icon; her allure is as broad as it is individualized. Her enchanting essence has allowed generations of women to enter a world of make-believe that knows no boundaries.” (2009)

Vera Wang’s version above is available for all Barbie-obsessed brides at the new Barbie store in Shanghai, for a cool USD$15,000

koiKoi Suwannagate: “I think of ‘pink butterflies’ representing her femininity” (2009) 

kenneth-coleKenneth Cole: “Barbie is the quintessential woman: confident, sexy and sophisticated, she continuously defines and reinvents herself through her fashion choices and her excellent choice of a distinguished and fashionable partner – Ken.” (2009)

This tongue-in-cheek Kenneth Cole T-shirt is my favorite. Haha, yes, everyone needs a Ken. 😛



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  1. Barbie continues to be a genius toy, especially since girls like to imagine themselves grown up and Barbie helps them do that

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