Predictions for F/W 09


Of course Vogue is the trendsetter in featuring an article and cover on Michelle Obama, lady of the moment.

Given that Fashion Week (Fall/Winter 2009) kicks off in New York this week (and art* imitates life, or in this case, Michelle Obama), I have a feeling that we are going to see a mix of jewelled tones (for that touch of optimism) and blacks (the general depressed mood of the economy), slinky dresses emphasising toned arms/legs, emphasis of the hips and comfortable separates with clean, fuss-free designs.

Better get pumping on that threadmill and start the exercise classes you have been putting off. Or for a more recessionista take, take a run around your estate to work those peeps. We need it for that long uphill climb on that GDP growth curve.

*Yes, fashion is art, imho. 🙂


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