Need for portable connectivity

The age of portable connectivity is upon us.

On the trains, in cafes, everyone around seems to be engrossed with their Iphone or their 3G/wifi enabled phone, checking their mail, facebooking*, Youtubing* or just mindless internet surfing. But frankly, isn’t the screen really too small for “satisfying” surfing. I mean, isn’t it a drag when you have to zoom into a particular area to view a picture or you have to type your status updates with the little little buttons. Frankly, with my impatient nature and uncooperative fingers, surfing can be a drag on these gadgets!

Of course the alternative will be to get a Netbook. Yeap, those laptops that can slip into your pockets or a very large handbag and on average weigh less than 1 kg. But really who wants to carry a 1kg  laptop around when all I want is just to do a little bit of surfing while standing up squashed between people on the train. 

If I have my way, all portable gadgets for net surfing will look like this:




The Nintendo DS Lite. The size is perfect! It can go into the tinest handbag. Just widen the screen and introduce a pinchy Ipod touch interface, together with a perfect keyboard. It’s like a mini-netbook.

Oh, do build in a mobile broadband application as well. I mean, if mobile broadband applications are now sizes of thumb-drives, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be smaller, isn’t it? Heck, keep the stylus as well. 

Wondering why designers of gadgets feel the need to innovate all the time (i.e. load up the tech part), instead of starting the design from a ease-of-use and aesthetic perspective? 

*Facebooking and Youtubing – Yes, indeed, like “googling”, facebooking and Youtubing have become regular lexicons in our urban speak.


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