Ethnic Costumes as Fashion

It seems that the Cheongsum has become an accepted choice of work-attire in offices. I’m not sure if that has to do with the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) period but I have counted at least one cheongsum per day in Raffles place and the city hall area in the past 2 weeks.
Granted, these cheongsums aren’t the tight, slinky “In the Mood For Love” (oh I love that movie) type, but the looser silk or cotton blend version, but still I always thought that they were a bit too formal and festive for work. They always either conveyed the vampish sex-pot, the Dragon Lady or the Chinese waitress vibe. I only actually know one person who can carry off a cheongsum with some degree of elegance (Ms.J, that’s you).
 But I think it’s great development, to be able to modernise the cheongsum to suit the lifestyle of the cosmopolitan working women. I will love to own a modern cheongsum as part of my modernised ethnic costume collections.
My collection thus far, have been confined to those from Southeast Asia and South Asia, including a modern ao-zai (Vietnamese ethnic costume) in the form of a halter-neck dress, a light cotton salwar kameez (indian ethnic costume), gorgeous kebayas that I wear with jeans (peranakan ethnic costume) and even a baju kebabya (Malaysian ethnic costume).
Maybe it’s time now to build up my East Asia collection (*evil*)
I have found some absolutely gorgeous cheongsums at Tong Tong Friendship Store (at Shaw Centre) and some lovely interpretations of the ethnic East Asian costumes, aptly named “East Asian Misfits” at Yumumu (at Swirl at Stamford House).
 School girl cheongsum from Tong Tong Friendship Store
Cheongsum with a samfoo touch at Yumumu
I absolutely love this modern Hanbok from Yumumu. I tried it on and it’s actually a 2-piece outfit. I think I will get this. 🙂
edowarriorgroup1The modern Japanese Edo Warrior from Yumumu. 
 I also draw inspiration from The Glamourai’s Kimono Dress. What a way to jazz up the kimono! I think this look is absolutely lovely for an evening out.
(Note to self: Need to check out vintage kimonos soon)

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  1. Lol… Thanks for the special mention 😉

    The next ethnic costume I am eyeing is a kebaya.

    P.S. I think you mean Shaw Towers and not Shaw Centre right?

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