Reality Bites


If there’s one thing I realised this New Year. It is that I am getting old.

I can’t do with 6 hours of sleep anymore, after a night of hanging out (and hanging out, I meant just sitting around and chatting, not out exerting physical demands on my body, like dancing). I need a good at least 8-9 hours of sleep to look *barely* human.

Now, I wonder how I am going to survive the next actual partying (read: dancing) at Zouk’s Mambo (yes, I am relieving my youth), when I have to work the next day.

Maybe I should set myself a curfew. Irony hits. The last time I had a curfew, I did not need that much sleep.


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One response to “Reality Bites

  1. Muffin Man

    Haha … don’t worry. We will only be out till 1 plus .. 2 max!!
    We can leave early if we feel a little geriatric .. 🙂

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