Skinny Jeans

So I finally have a pair of skinny jeans. No, not the ones that you see girls wearing everywhere with the teeny skinny legs.

Skinny jeans as in the Sex and the City’s Miranda pair where every woman keeps a pair to remind themselves that they were once skinner than they are now.

In my attempt to unpack the 70kg worth of stuff that I have shipped home, I tried on the pair I brought to Sydney which fitted me perfectly a year back and which I can’t even manage to zip up now. Huff Puff, no use sucking in that stomach. It’s there. It’s not growing any flatter, nor any smaller.

Funny though how I have always wanted to put on some weight and when it happens, I get a little flabbergasted (pun not intended). But I think I’m embracing my curves more these days and giving them a good pat every now and then and I am evidently still not cutting down on my foodie adventures. I will just walk it off, I tell myself. 🙂

Still, I am keeping that pair of jeans. I will probably try it on once in a while and then I may perhaps proceed to finally face up to dieting if the jeans don’t make it pass my knees.


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  1. Hang on to the jeans… I hung on to a pair of cargo pants from my US and they fitted after 2-3 years 😉

    There is always hope in life.

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