Someone please remind me the next time that I should not wear open-toed heels for a factory visit, or even a skirt.

I had to wear a funky toe-cap over my heels today. It was rather cute, though a bit uncomfortable  (they came in hard plastic). And of course it came in the color of the season, yellow. The only unglamorous part was me trying to bend down (graciously) while slipping the toe-cap over my heels, and oh of course the waddling around the factory floor while the men walked happily in their leather shoes. 

toe-capsOne wonders why though the company doesn’t make them in a more comfortable material. Oh I forgot, it’s for safety purposes… but maybe they can spin a fashion arm off and sell them as fashion items (with a variety of colors and prints), with the tagline of “Change the color of your shoes (toe-caps)”. I mean, if crocs can take off, these cute toe-clogs may have a fighting chance! 🙂


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