Of Shoes and Stockings

So the mule (and sandal)-loving me has landed a job which expressly only permits women to wear shoes with a back covering the heel. For the uninitiated, the phrase translates into what is known as a pump, or court-shoes. I had fought off most attempts (in my working life) to wear pumps because of my dislike for shoes that constrict my feet. The only concession was given to mules (covered-toed shoes without the heel covering) to hide my funny toes or when I haven’t had a pedicure in ages. 

So I suffered the first day in a black-pump-wedge-heeled pair giving me blisters. No wonder working women are generally irritable. Imagine the whole day with blistered feet – I would have demanded someone to wait on me hand (tired from the constant typing on the computer) and foot. 

The only cheap way out of this situation of wearing pumps and not getting blisters is probably to wear stockings (and going everywhere with at least 2 band-aids on hands). Of course I can buy those stick-on rubber things to cushion the heels of my shoes, but at $10 a pair and considering the number of shoes I have, it doesn’t seem justified.

But can you imagine wearing stockings in humid Singapore? I had once, an experience of sweating in the back of my knees while dressed in a suit whilst riding in a tuk-tuk during an Indian summer and let’s just say that having the back of your knees sweating is really an enjoyable feeling. And I wonder why stockings do not come in dri-fit versions… 

And what is the etiquette in wearing stockings? I had worn opaque black tights to work in Sydney under my dresseses and they work fine to keep me warm and everyone else wears the same as well. But in humid Singapore where you can at most wear a sheer 15 denier piece, would grey or black sheer stockings look too risque for the office? Am I resigned to wearing the nude-but-please-make-sure-it-matches-the-color-of-your-legs shades? And let’s not even talk about patterns on the stockings! 

The tough questions of my life. 

~Ramblings of a Rat in the Maze



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2 responses to “Of Shoes and Stockings

  1. musicmaker

    See that is one reason why I would want to switch to teaching privately. The freedom to wear JEANS and flipflops!! Everyday if I so wish! Imagine…

  2. muffin man

    It is situations like this that makes it wonderful to be a guy … actually there are a lot of other situations that make it great to be a guy. hahaha!

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