“I think I have reached a corporate bottleneck in my career”

“Yes, I think you have. Once you start sprouting corporate bullshit such as phrases like corporate bottleneck, the only way is down”

Just one of those random conversations between Ms. F and moi.

But what do I know? I have just stepped out of a 5 year public sector career into the corporate world. Yes. I have turned into one of those corporate rats that you see scuttering around the sewers of the train station, one of those faceless executives caught in the frenzy of the rat race. 

And I must admit that it’s rather unnerving that the drive for profit and materialism is so in your face when the first few words that you hear at orientation is “we are here to make money”. A far cry from the public sector where they first imbude with you with your oh-so-important role in turning your country into a compelling hub for various economic activities. 

I wonder how long it will take me to learn the corporate bullshit. And, I ask you, my friends, to give me a wake-up call if I ever do.  

PS: Just a thought. If I had joined the corporate rat race in the Year of the Rat (Chinese Calender), does it mean I am going to labor like a cow in 2009? Scary thought. 


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