I never thought of myself as an unhappy person, but neither was I always in a state of euphoria. I was, I guess, in what I called a state of equilibrium for 2007. So it was no wonder that my New Year resolution for 2008 (according to my FB application) is to be happy.

Did I manage to be happy in 2008? Sure, there were points that I was happy, even to experiencing some degree of euphoria, but well, let’s only say that there were also points in 2008 that I could not get out of bed and stared at the ceilings for days in a row, unable to get myself sorted out.

It was only after months that I admitted to myself that if I do not sort myself out, I would be unhappy for a long time. Maybe sometimes the best way to achieve something is to have a taste of the opposite. I now know what’s it’s like to sink to new lows, so at least I’m equipped with a barometer to gauge my moods better.

In 2009, my resolution is much simpler – just to keep writing.

Check back again in 1 year.


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