On my butt

CYPRESS & WHISTLER MOUNTAINS – No, I will never be that poised woman that you meet. Wacky, yes, never poised. You see, I’m much better on my butt than on my feet, whether it be in the sun* or in the snow.

I was all ready to be a snow ice-queen (aka snowboarding bunny extraordinaire) in the mountains a la Rebecca Gilles in Bridget Jones 2 (The Edge of Reason). Turns out I was channelling Bridget Jones instead. Snowboarding bunny? More like snow-boarding rhino that kept falling into the snow – butt first. All I needed was a horn on my frozen nose to destroy everything in insight.

Why fight the talent then? I think I would be great snow-tubing instead. Just throw my butt down into the tyre and off I go! Actually, being dragged along with the snow massaging one’s butt (that was sore from the snowboarding) is a rather nice feeling….. Right, sick, I know.

* If you ask Ms. J, I’m sure she will give you a great positive review of how, in Sydney, I was able to slip off the chair and fell on my butt, all the while holding on to my glass of champagne without spilling any. I was scared by the birds, you see. I was afraid that their wings will hit my face. Or put it another way, saving my face and champagne was more important than saving my butt. 🙂


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