Shopaholic on Mission

She thought she was in thrift-store heaven at the Haight (San Francisco). You see, she was expecting to unearth a mountain of glamourous vintage finds at the stores (the shopaholic had actually done some research on particular shops that she must pay a visit to). Yes, she must admit she was impressed by the shops – some actually categorised the clothes by era (e.g. 1920s flapper, 70s retro, 80s disco), rather than by colors! 

But she soon realised that it’s best not to have any expectations, especially when thrift-store shopping. Even when she was not looking for anything specific, she still could not find anything to her liking. Perhaps she was turned-off by the sheer amount of 80s prom dresses (complete with huge puffy sleeves and sequins), or maybe it was the stanky smell of fur coats (all too uncomfortable for the humid Singapore weather and she finds it cruel to wear real fur), or maybe it was just too cold for her to peel off layers and layers of her clothing to try anything on (it was a freaking 4 degrees celsius and raining). So yeap, she did not end up with any vintage stuff this trip. Major disappointment… 

So what does a shopaholic do? She goes on a mission, a mission to unearth the tried-and tested…off to Mission Street (Union Square). To her, Union Square should have been renamed Pilgrim Alley or Mecca Square.

With her perenniel favorites like H&M (on sale!!), Victoria’s Secrets (on sale!!!) and Kate Spade (on sale!!!!), the shopaholic managed to score some finds (oh, even a checked jacket which supposedly is the “in” thing this season)!

Blessed is she who puts her faith in H&M and VS!


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