Drawing and Coloring

I don’t know what came over me yesterday, but I had a sudden urge to draw, or more specifically to draw something so that I can color. I had even pictures in my head that I want to put down. (Right, these pictures sorta floated in my head as I was falling asleep so I’m not sure whether they were actually dreams). Funny urge, because I don’t even doodle, not even when daydreaming. 

So today, I went and bought a whole lot of colored pens, oh, and even a sketch book and a pencil. Let’s see what exactly I can come up with and whether drawing/coloring is like writing, where I can put the ideas in my head down to paper as easily.

Maybe I will discover that I have a latent talent as an artist – hurrah! Or most likely, that the $50 spent has gone down the drain. But oh well, better to spend $50 to discover that you aren’t good at something than to never discover anything about oneself, and hell, it’s even cheaper than my manicure/pedicure session. 

I came home and discovered that my mum, who has a full head of white hair (due to allergies to chemical hair dyes) has discovered henna and now possess the hair color of flaming orange (yes, there’s no other color else to describe it)…. Ah, a sign perhaps that my own drawing/coloring expedition may not be off to a bad start.


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  1. You should paint your mum’s flaming hair! Reminds me of Neruda’s La Chascona: http://www.chipsites.com/travel-essays/pablo-nerudas-homes.html

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