Hooked on Stylista

After endless seasons of ANTM and Project Runway, I think I may have just found my favorite reality TV show this year – Stylista, where hopefuls compete to win a fashion assistant job with Elle Magazine, aka “The Devil Wears Prada” comes to life. 

Elle’s Editor, Anne Slowley plays herself (or Miranda Priestley incarnate), and does her lines “I’m sorry, you are not a right fit” with a icy (but with a slight tinge of humane) chill, as opposed to Priestley’s downright ruthless, “That’s all”.

I love it when she sends her scribes to do the job of announcing to contestants about the tasks/whether or not they win. And catch the positively scary little girl in Episode 3. She’s 10 and I won’t want to cross her, ever. 

And with lines like “I was excited to use my brains for the first time”, “In this industry, we judge the book and its cover” & “I bunched up with the fashion rejects and it’s not a good feeling”, the show is certainly entertaining and appeals to my inner (or some say, outer) bitch! And yes, you pick up a tip or two on how to do up editorial pages and yes, I want to visit the NY’s H&M store and the Elle wardrobe please.  [Note to self: Must plan girly-girl trip to New York City] 

And Ooooh, there’s even a blog!! I’m hooked. 

PS: Thanks to Mr. S for sending me the Youtube links. I watched all the episodes today instead of working on that essay. 🙂


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One response to “Hooked on Stylista

  1. muffin man

    Oh dear .. I hoped you got your essay done, esp now that Ms J is there 😛
    Don’t bother with Ep 6, it is just one of those recap eps with “never before seen footages”.

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