Cin’s Newsdesk #3

chicken-run-posterBangkok Governor, Apirak Kosayodhin has resigned after being accused of corruption in a $191million deal to buy fire engines and boats from Austrian Company Steyr Co, which are paid, in part in broiled chickens. The deal was supposedly arranged by ex-governor and ex-Premier Samak Sundaravej who found fame not only as a chef with his own TV cooking show, but also forced to quit as premier in September for accepting payments for appearing on them. Allegedly, the broiled chickens never arrived in Austria. (ChannelnewsAsia, November 12 2008)

One wonders why Austrian Steyr will accept payment in broiled chickens. It’s either a case of hedging against the bird flu in the European Union, or they were being wowed over by Samak’s cooking. And it is no surprise that the chickens never arrived in Austria, as Samak is on his own chicken-run.


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