Never Trust a Pirate

This cracked me up today. A much needed laugh before I went in for my exams. Of course the piracy class had to be cancelled – you can’t ever trust a pirate, can you?


And so what do u associate with pirates other than gold and hidden treasures? For me, it’s skeletons. Too much influence from Pirates of the Carribean.  

So happens that skeletons are a major feature of Spring/Summer 2009. So, will you be letting any skeletons into your closet? I might. Or I can just dragged out the skeletons that were once humans and wear them. We are all defined by our past, aren’t we? 🙂

Some pieces I like –


Narciso Rodiguez





christian-lacroix1Christian Lacroix



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2 responses to “Never Trust a Pirate

  1. muffin man

    It’s so funny … in this day and age, I associate pirates with the friendly DVDs you can get in Shanghai, Jakarta, Hanoi and many more places 😛

  2. Cinical

    Let’s also say I found my local pirates here in Sydney. They specialize not in Hollywood movies, but Hong Kong, Korean and Taiwanese drama-serials. 😛

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