The Little Rudd Book

Introducing The Little Rudd Book. 


Irreverent parody of the happenings in the world in 2008, from the World Youth Day (Sydney), the Olympics to the financial crisis from The Chaser. The Chaser were the group that pranked the APEC Summit in Australia in 2007, one of the stunts involved using 3 hired chauffeurs driving a fake Canadian motorcade through the restricted security districts and managed to clear 3 checkpoints before being discovered. 

A little snippet from the book:

Pilgrims can travel around the city of Sydney to view 14 scenes re-enacting the life and death of Jesus. Sydneysiders will have a taste of Jesus’ suffering as pilgrims block footpaths taking photos, spend minutes bewildered in front of ticket machines and break out in spontaneous songs in the streets. The event is not to be confused with the Station of the King’s Cross which is less conducive to sacred reflection” (On Stations of the Cross Exhibition during the World Youth Day)

At A$19.95, it’s definitely a better souvenir than those koala key chains! 🙂


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