Dearth of Shoes in Sydney

I figured I was adequate enough to write a post on Sydney’s fashion after realising that I could identify the dress that Carrie Bickmore was wearing on Rove (incidentally, Australia’s best entertainment show, IMHO) as being from Country Road. It was a sign that I have been window-shopping (and shopping) too much.

Now, I love Sydney’s fashion scene, from the high-end boutiques at Pitt Street Mall and the high-fashion boutiques at the Westfield and Broadway malls, to the vintage digs at Crown Street (Surry Hills) and the cheap one-off pieces from Glebe markets. There’s always a treasure trove to be discovered at every corner.

However, one pet peeve that I had with Sydney’s fashion scene is the lack of affordable footwear. Perhaps it is that I have not been looking hard and long enough, or I have been confining myself to certain more conventional districts.

But the fact is that I can’t find shoes akin to what I term as “disposable fashion”, i.e. around A$30-50 a pop, last a few months of wear and which are trendy enough, akin to Singapore’s Charles and Keith or Malaysia’s Vincci.

Shoes here fall into these few categories:

(i) High Fashion Brands (Mollini, Whittner, Nine West): The shoes here are well made and extremely fashion-forward. While I love the shoes here, they are rather unaffordable for a student’s budget (costing around A$110 per pair).

(ii) Random picks (around Chinatown): Shoes here are of the cutesy sort (not my type) and mostly imported from Taiwan and Hong Kong which we can get cheaply back home… costing around A$80 per pair (*shocked*). 


(iii) Speciality stores selling Uggs or Surf shops selling thongs: Nothing against them, but a girl do need variety beyond Uggs and thongs.

Another observation that I have made regarding shoes in Australia is that Sydneysiders of the female variety walk a lot. They may be decked in suits, but wander around the city on a weekday (mornings and evenings), you will see them power-walking in their track shoes or thongs-slippers, with a majority of them carrying their gym bags.  So despite that Australia is named the country with the most number of fat people, ladies in Sydney are probably one of the slimmest around!


Perhaps, it is just as well that I brought along 10 pairs of shoes from Singapore to last me a year in Sydney. Money saved on shoes can be used to buy more clothes and bags. 🙂


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