Happy Halloween

Unfortunately, I am not going for any Halloween Parties. With the ghosts from my present (un-read stacks and stacks of notes) and the future (exams in 2 weeks) haunting me, I have more than enough fright to last me for a while.

I can’t seem also to conjure up a worthy enough costume. Maybe I should go as myself, aka “Cin pre-exam period” complete with ratty T-shirts, too-loose draw-string cotton pants, uncombed hair and bad skin. Enough to scare most people, I’m sure. 

Here’s some Haunt Couture inspiration for those who are out for a good time tonight. If you have to be decked out in a costume, make sure you are in the forefront of fashion. 🙂


The one which takes the cake, or rather scare the hell out of me was this. It’s like Sadako from The Ring with 2 extra heads. 

Happy Halloween!

Post-script: Shortly after this post, Ms F in Shanghai asked me to give her ideas about what to wear for a Halloween Party. Considering her geographical location, I suggested dressing as a carton of milk with the words “Made in China”. That should frighten most people. 

Another option for people in Hong Kong and Singapore will be to dress up as Bond. Nope, not James Bond, but the Lehman Brothers Bond. People are going to steer clear as well.


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One response to “Happy Halloween

  1. muffin man

    Actually I had an idea many months before the financial crisis to dress up as a Morman 😛 .. just a short sleeve shirt, ugly tie and a badge. haha ..
    but i like the Lehman Bond idea .. to adapt to local taste, it should be a “High Note”!
    Sadly, no Halloween party to go to.

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