Androgynous Charms

The androgynous look seem to be “in” again. I think it was the haircut of Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes that triggered it. Or perhaps it’s fashion’s backlash against the frou-frou excesses of the past few seasons. Or maybe it’s fashion’s answer to the muted and rather sombre mood of the economy.  

Whatever it is, girls who look/dress like boys are in again! Click here for full selection. 🙂

I will love some of these pieces from Oak (first discovered via Fashionation) to start off, although they are way beyond my budget. Note to self: should start looking around for some “inspired version”. 🙂

I like the clean cut lines of the overall and the pseudo-emo boy look of the hoodie. They seem so wear-and-go. No fuss no muss. 

PS: Thinking of a short-crop too, a la the model’s hair. But I think, with my figure, I will really look like a boy. Hmm.


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