Melbourne Cup is a big thing in Sydney…



And all around the Sydney CBD is publicity going on for the Melbourne cup! With horses (and err, zebras). Cute that both the four-legged creatures are wearing hats!

Of course, what comes to a girl’s mind when you say horse-racing? Hats, flamboyant ones! It’s almost a tradition to see the flashiest hats on display.

I mean, what does a lady look at when the horses had raced pass you? Check out other women to see if they have outshine you, of course. 

Doing a bit of research into the connection between hats and horse-racing, it was speculated that historically when horse-racing events first started, organisers had wanted to be a social affair. So they went around to the women’s clubs in town and invited the women to dress up to their finest to attend the races. Then, it was considered also proper etiquette to wear a hat outside the house and to go without one would reduce one’s social standing to a begger.

Remember Pretty Woman and My Fair Lady, where they made their appearance as ladies of society at the races! 

PS: The thing that cracked me up today was one Yahoo answer as to why women wear hats during races was given as “so that they would not be mistaken as horses”. Somehow, this reminded me of my political science professor who said, “Some women have faces that launch a thousand ships, while some women just look like ships”. 🙂



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3 responses to “Melbourne Cup is a big thing in Sydney…

  1. muffin man

    I love the Melbourne Cup. Never been but would love to go. The atmosphere in Melbourne during this season is always very fun.

    And what struck me is always is that it is held on the 2nd Tuesday of Nov – so for every four years, it is a great way to escape all the presidential elections 🙂

  2. Pauline’s family is a big Melbourne Cup fan. When she moved to Shanghai, her sis inherited her fancy hats… lucky gal!

  3. [Sorry to gripe, but ahhh… How come there is no email button to fwd this post to Pauline? And this snapshots popout thing is annoying!]

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