Sydney Vintage Show

Many have asked why I love vintage stuff. Even my mum is always highly amused whenever I get home and parade my vintage finds, all the while complaining why I will spend so much money on a piece of “2nd-hand clothing”, which cost barely a dime in hey-days.

I think what I love about vintage clothes and bags is the thrill of the hunt. Finding the perfect vintage dress is an attempt that involves long hours of search (with no guarantee of success). Even after finding the perfect piece, it might not come in your size. Also, the feeling of knowing that you are wearing a piece of history, and that you are probably one of the very few people owning a similar piece. A subtle resistance against the mass-produced fashion of today. 

So, of course I had to check out the Sydney Vintage Fair, held only twice a year here! 

“Last stop”, shouted the bus driver, as the bus reached Cantebury (where??? Ok, take bus 428 to the terminal station). It was an unfamiliar location with nary a sign of human nor mechanical traffic. The only sign was this


Oh well, at least I’m in the correct suburb. So I walked and I walked and I walked without seeing anyone for the next 10 minutes. How did I know I was on the correct path? Hmm, I saw this lady carrying a pink parasol walking towards me. Now, of course, you don’t see people carrying pink parasols walking around in suburban Sydney unless it’s for a special event.. Oh, the miles that we will walk for fashion (luckily I was wearing flats). 🙂


Yay! Destination reached! Right, I know. Looks dodgy. And nope, I did not see any horses, unfortunately. 


Vintage jewellery galore!


Beautiful dresses from every era imaginable


Parasols!! The difference between parasols and umbrellas are that parasols are not water-proof and are designed more for protection against the sun. 


Hats!! One of these hats would have been perfect for Ms J’s hat party


Sewing patterns! Unfortunately I can’t sew, if not I will probably buy some of these to try them out. 🙂


I bought some of these buttons to replace the missing buttons on my newly acquired vintage dress. 🙂


Books from a by-gone era. 


Sydneysiders take their vintage very seriously. Shoppers dressed in lovely vintage. 🙂


My favorite picture – ladies queing up for cash! This means serious shopping. 🙂


PS: And yes, I am happy with my purchases at the fair. I scored 3 bags, 1 dress, 1 set of buttons and 1 scarf for A$100. 🙂 





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  1. kissandride

    i wish i was there! nice stuff.

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