Massa, the class act

From Straits Times, 29 Sept 08

A sanguine Massa, however, refused to blame his crew for the pit error.

‘We are all human beings, everybody can make mistakes. I am not the kind of guy who goes to the guy and fights with him. I go to the guy and give him even more motivation, because we need him and we need everybody together for the last races of the season.’

While I am sure there must be publicists drafting up this statement for him, this propels Massa to my league of class(y) acts. How gracious. 

Massa – you are already a winner.


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One response to “Massa, the class act

  1. I heard him say this live and thought the same of him too. But even if he doesn’t, I have no doubt that the Ferrari coach is going to give the mechanics so much crap.

    Here they are in their glorious moments before the race started:

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