Battle in Seattle

And so I learnt in class that the OECD’s Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) was first known as the Multilateral Investment Agreement (MIA), but since MIA is better known for “Missing in Action”, it was suggested that there be a change in name to MAI. Interesting bit of tidbit here for me, the trade geek.

Change in name didn’t make a difference though, the MAI became MIA still, with possibly no hopes of revival (hmm, wondering whether I should be putting money on it with the comatose state of the WTO).

Well, Hollywood has decided to make a movie of the failed talks at WTO (specifically the 1999 Seattle Round), called “Battle in Seattle. It’s a flick that I will like to catch, although I suspect that it will veer towards the sensationalistic aspects of the protests, but hey, all passion displayed (regardless of which side you are on, rightly or wrongly) is sensational. No? (Note: For the guys, it stars Charlize Theron and for the girls, Martin Henderson, aka Mr. Darcy in Bride & Prejudice).  

Check out the trailer!


Signing off, still a geek @ heart

PS: Wondering if Hollywood has run out of ideas for movies, what’s with Bangkok Dangerous and this niche WTO production)? But I may be underestimating the power of Hollywood. Perhaps this WTO flick is a reminder to all of us that despite all the ills of the WTO, it’s still the only multilateral organisation governing trade, where countries (big or small) can have a voice. Or I’m just sprouting my own propaganda?

Credits: Youtube







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