Penguin Book Bags

In 2007, it was the Anya Hindmarch “I’m not a Plastic Bag” environmentally conscious bag craze (and which went for between £5 and £200, depending whether you got them from Sainsbury or eBay). 

Admittedly I have one too, though its origin was less urmmm, “pedigreed”. 

In 2008, maybe it will be the craze of the Penguin Book Bags with the titles of the classics printed! But maybe not, appeals only to a very niche audience. But I find it really cute. It must be the back-lash against the plain shopping bags that I have been carrying around in Australia – oh, you know the type which sells for A$0.99 in Coles Supermarket. 

Tis will be a great bag for the library excursions. 🙂

PS: I would like one that has Pride & Prejudice on 1 side, and Sense & Sensibility on the other. Unfortunately, they don’t allow for customisation. 😛 

PPS: What would be yours? 




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