Of Paper Dolls and Cute Rabbits

I think I have figured out when my interest (obsession?) in fashion and clothes started. It was way before my parents could afford to buy me Barbie dolls. 

Rather, it had to do with paper dolls, yes, the S$0.10 a piece paper that had a picture of a doll, and with clothes that you could dress her in.

I decided to stick with just 1 doll. But unsatisfied with the limited amount of clothes it had from that piece of paper, I trawled newspapers and magazines, cutting out clothes that could fit my doll.

I ended up with 1 doll and an ice-cream box full of clothes.

Day-dreaming of various scenes (shopping, school, going to the playground) and choosing the perfect outfit for my paper doll was my company throughout my childhood days.

Hmm, I think that partly explains why shoes/bags hold less appeal to me than clothes, even today. Some girls match their outfits to their shoes, I match my shoes to my outfits.

(But please don’t judge me on the 10 pairs of shoes I brought over to Sydney from S’pore though. They are there to serve a purpose.) 🙂


Thus, I am rather excited to discover Fifi Lapin. Isn’t she the cutest rabbit ever? Decked out in a new outfit everyday!!


I love it. Fifi Lapin is the grown-up paper doll I want. 🙂

Do also check out Fifi-Lapin’s Blog

Credits: Paper-Doll Picture, Fifi-Lapin Pictures first discoverd via Fashionation


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